Welcome Students and Parents


Welcome to Mr. Cummings’ Math website.

Within these “pages”, Students will find information about past, present, and future assignments, projects, and activities for Mr. Cummings’ classes. Parents will be able to keep track of homework assignments to help ensure their kids stay caught up and are ready for class every day.


“I started this site for the 2010-2011 school year and have continuously made updates to make it into a valuable resource for all of my students and parents.  Below is a list of some of the things you can expect to find.” – Mr. Cummings

Homework:  Students record homework assignments daily in their planners.  Parents should sign the planner at least once per week.  The parent signature serves as confirmation that the parent is aware of the homework and that they have confirmed the child has completed the homework.  Students will check their homework as we go over selected problems in class; questions on specific problems should be asked during this review time.  Regular quizzes will assess student learning and will often come right from the homework. Completed homework can be used as “notes” on most quizzes.


Resources:  Check out the resources page for special items that will help you excel.  Examples include a copy of the FCAT Reference Sheet, Quick Reference Guides, and printable graph paper.


About Mr. Cummings:  Curious about your teacher?  Visit the “About” page to learn about Mr. Cummings, his family, and his hopes and dreams.